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The other day, one of my social media feeds shot me an article on marketing by Deborah Riley-Magnus.  It was a concise, high-level piece; nothing revolutionary. Riley-Magnus is described as an “Author Success Coach,” so it’s fair to assume that she’s saved the four-star ideas for her own practice! (since she seems so sensible, I’m being nice enough to post her a cross-link here).

Speaking to the basic situation, that regardless of who publishes your book (big press, small press or your own intrepid self), the burden of marketing falls to the authors, Riley-Magnus observes that “social networking fluff, free giveaway gimmicks, and promotional swag won’t stand out in today’s shouting throng of new authors.”

Agreed. There are just too many of us out there, all clamoring for the attention of readers like you. Riley-Magnus talks about the need to find creative ways to make a connection with you, and offers a few cogent examples of how. But it was her wrap-up that set my juices flowing: “Step away from your competition and sell books in ways and places other authors haven’t even thought to approach.”

Aha!! Now there’s nothing I like more than a whopping big creative challenge, so I’m trying to think: what HASN’T been done to market a book?


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Lori Berhon is a New-York based novelist and playwright. Her work is distinguished for its intelligence and for the vivid humanity of even her most impossible characters. She is actually taller, slimmer and far more elegant than she appears to be.
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