Tweets From History

In the summer of 2010, it hit me that there are three main categories of tweets.  There are marketing/pr tweets from companies (or people who are companies) who are keeping their profile high.  There are intense bombardments to get the word out about an event/disaster/cause.  And, mainly, there are brain farts (no, there’s no more elegant way to describe it), people blurting out whatever is in their heads at the moment.  “Off 2 mall 4 JEANS! (fingers crossed)”  “Why do cafeterias always smell like tuna & oranges?”  “New Pratchett. <3  Anybody else?”  “Dear Man on Subway: pull yr pants up.  I so do not want 2 c yr butcrack!”  Those kinds of things.

While times change, people really don’t.  I started wondering what people once upon another time might have tweeted if they could have.  From there it was only logical to give it a try.  For each of three consecutive months, I selected a different time and place and put myself in the head of someone who might have lived then/there.  Not rulers or geniuses or people who otherwise wandered into recorded history.  Just ordinary people like me; like us. And every day of that month, in the voice of that person, I issued a single tweet.

Together, each month’s tweets told a story — a Twitter Novel.

Pompeii Forum with Vesuvisu

Thicket of treesAtlantic with Glacier

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