The Breast of Everything

The Revelation won’t be televised.

It’s one thing to say that you hold God in your heart. But what if the body part in question were a little more conspicuous? And what if it started to talk back?

Ordinary New Yorker Susan Roth checks into the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for a routine lumpectomy, and checks out with a new bosom buddy. Mam, as her suddenly articulate gland asks to be called, is a miracle, but that doesn’t make her the answer to everyone’s prayers. Her very existence flies in the face of the more insistent established religions and you can’t even show Her on basic cable. But something like this won’t be kept under wraps forever. Mam goes viral and, once She does, nothing will ever be the same, not for Susan and not for any of the thousands who listen to what She says and learn to question themselves first of all.

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The Breast of Everything

Mam Playlist: The Revelation Won’t be Televised

I like having a playlist for my writing projects. Music can be a good way to push past a minor writing block, putting me back in tune (sorry for that one!) with the work. The complete Mam playlist runs an exhaustive three and a half hours and covers everything from the Native Flute Ensemble to Coltrane to Pippin to Regina Spektor. A vastly truncated version of vocal selections has been posted on 8tracks.


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