About Me

I was 7 years old when I started to think of myself as a writer.

A few years have passed since then. I still write, because…How do I explain this?  Okay. We all eat, we all breathe; right? Some people are absolutely always in love; some people walk around singing; some people need a sports team to cheer for every season of the year…Me, I write. It’s that kind of thing.

I’ve written novels, plays and screenplays. I’m a baaad poet. I’ve never been able to craft a short story.

I can’t craft a short anything, which is why (as you may have noticed) I’m such a lousy blogger.  The other reason I don’t blog is that I just don’t have time.  If I’m blogging or whatever, I’m not working on the stories that I want/need to tell. There are only so many waking hours in the day, once you subtract pesky things like making a living, getting dinner and doing laundry, and you factor in the occasional hours with family or friends. Something’s gotta give. We all make choices, right? And my choice is to put the time and energy I have into the stories that are close to my heart…which are pretty much whopping large novels.

My books aren’t easily categorized. I know: no Personal Brand; it’s not very 21st Century of me, but I don’t really like putting anyone or anything into a bucket. I expect—and respect—diversity. And I expect the unexpected. There is no excuse ever to be bored, with the world so too full of things to see and taste and mull over, and people by nature being  fascinating.

So cards on the table: if what you want is to have your attention engaged by a regular flow of Great Content in Multiple Formats (just saw that phrase on an invitation to a Meetup Group, but the caps are my own), or if you need the reassurance of feeling you’re On Trend…if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m probably not the writer for you.

But if you like wandering a little off the beaten path and making discoveries…and if you seek out big, beefy stories that you can fall into, stories that seem familiar and at the same time make you think about things you haven’t thought about before…in that case, let me shake your (virtual) hand and say Welcome! I am so pleased to meet you and hope that you and my books will be friends.

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