2 Anniversaries, 2 Kindle Countdowns!

May 1, the annual commemoration of International Worker’s Day, seems like the perfect time to shout-out to readers about the novel I like to think of as the ANTI-Atlas Shrugged, Under the Bus. Click here for a preview chapter

And on April 26th, I celebrate the anniversary of the publication of The Breast of Everything (Happy Birthday, Mam!). Click here for a preview chapter

What better way for me to celebrate than to run a special Tag Team Kindle Countdown?!  From April 24th through May 5, one or both of these novels will be available at irresistible prices.

  • The event kicks off on Thursday April 24th, with of The Breast of Everything. The special price of 99 cents remains in play until the afternoon of April 27th, then a bump up to $1.99 through May 1.
  • On Sunday, April 28, Under the Bus joins in, available through Mayday afternoon at the worker-friendly price of 99 cents (!), then rising to the only marginally higher $1.99 through the afternoon of May 3, with a final 60% discount price of $2.99 until the Countdown ends on May 5.

Spread the word!