At the halfway point…and loving it!

I know, it’s not November 15 yet.  But last night I reached the magic 25K half-way point to the NaNo finish line.  So I’m halfway there before I’m halfway through.  This is a very good feeling, even though finishing NaNoWriMo won’t in the least mean I’ve finished this book.

The beauty of the NaNo experience for me is that I stop worrying over every bitty word and just write.  And when you just write — anytime, anywhere (yes, the morning subway ride is still my very best production burst of the day) — you can make huge gains toward telling any story you really want to tell.

Last year, I started out with all sorts of outlines and timelines and flow charts.  This year, all I had was an odd “to do” list of things I wanted to be sure to say.  Every day that I’m not picking up where I left off the day before, I choose something from that list that hasn’t been checked off, and then I write everything I can think of on that topic.  I have no idea how long this book is going to be.  I’m only now now first starting to see a shape emerge.  It was one hell of a relief, let me tell you, to finally get a sense of that after almost two weeks of writing.  Turns out (whew!) I wasn’t downloading random thoughts after all, but there is truly a big picture to which all the scraps belonged.  This is a good baton to pick up at the halfway point.  Now all I have to do is run with it to the finish line!

About Lori Berhon

Lori Berhon is a New-York based novelist and playwright. Her work is distinguished for its intelligence and for the vivid humanity of even her most impossible characters. She is actually taller, slimmer and far more elegant than she appears to be.
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